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GEC & BR1: “Hay and asphalt”

Warum liegt hier ĂĽberhaupt Stroh rum? Schöne neue Kooperation zwischen GEC und BR1 in Turin. “An unauthorized intervention in which the two artists go through the streets of the area “Barriera di Milano”, pushing a bale of hay and dodging pedestrians and cars. The action will end with the final occupation of a car park. The forcefulness of the performance lies in its different reading keys, sometimes romantic, sometimes humorous. More or less consciously, various issues about current events are touched: from the relationship between natural and artificial landscapes, to the unbridled resources consumption in urban centers; from the different uses of the public soil to the rediscovery of the rural area, seen as an individual resistance to the depersonalizing pressure of the global economy.” Eine ähnliche Performance hat vor einigen Jahren einmal der deutsche KĂĽnstler Eric Pries realisiert. Via: Mail

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