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Fred Lebain: “Un printemps à New York”

Clevere Camouflage-Fotografie von Fred Lebain: “last spring lebain took images of various areas in new york city, each one of them an occasion of a ‘first visit’ to the location, in which he photographed and then printed in large poster format. later, he returned to the same spots for a second visit, capturing a larger framed shot in which he aligned the poster documenting his first visit to the current scene.” Via/Via


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  1. I recently saw an exhibit featuring various shelter solutions for the homeless. One of the projects was based on the concept of urban camouflage. They created warm blankets that had a waterproof outer layer on which was printed a photograph of common urban landscape, like brick walls, concrete slabs, and fencing. Based on the examples they showed, it looked very effective, and I can imagine walking right past someone hiding behind such a blanket on the street.

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