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Food Liberation Army: Kidnapping Ronald McDonald

Die EntfĂĽhrung – und Enthauptung von Ronald McDonald. Und wer war´s? Die Food Liberation Army (FLA) – einer neuer Stern am AktivistInnen-Himmel? Nein: Hinter dem Streich steckt der finnische KĂĽnstler Jani Leinonen, der dafĂĽr sogar verhaftet wurde. “Leinonen was surprised that the stunt led to his arrest. “I thought that I had taken a rubber statue from a store, but apparently I had done something much worse.” Leinonen’s computer, his drawings, and paintings are still in the hands of the police. For Leinonen, the action was art, and not activism. The videos were made in a studio with the help of actors, to resemble real activist groups. “Regardless of whether this project is activism or art, the content is what is important.” “When people realise that a matter is art, the content becomes neutralised. I have thought that I would start avoiding talking about art, because things feel more real that way. People have such a strange image of art.” Via: Mail, danke Niels!


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  1. ach wie schön. jetzt bin ich ganz gespannt wie das weiter geht.

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