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Filmtipp: “The Institute”

Doku ĂĽber das “Jejune Institute” von Jeff Hull in San Francisco: “Their mission is to provoke discovery through visceral experience and pervasive play. As creators of the Jejune Institute, an award-winning immersive narrative experience, Nonchalance was successfully able to re-engineer the way audiences interact with media, the space around them, and each other. Utilizing automated environments, pirate radio broadcasts, guerilla masonry, and lock boxes within lock boxes, Hull’s work represents a warp zone that transports audiences between hyper realized fantasy worlds. Previously as a street artist with an ambition to infuse more variability and play into the civic realm, Jeff created Oaklandish; a decade-strong community arts organization with 20 consecutive “Best of the East Bay” Awards to it’s credit. He is also the founder of inner city playground activities such as the Urban Capture the Flag League, the Lake Merritt Radio Regatta, and the Liberation Drive-In which spawned an international movement of rogue parking lot movie screenings.” Via: Laurence, merci!

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