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Fame Festival 2012: Akay & Brad Downey


“Cork Cactus”



Oops, they did it again! Akay & Brad Downey sind auch in diesem Jahr wieder beim italienischen Fame Festival dabei. Und diesmal waren sie noch l√§nger vor Ort: “well well well, where do we start from, last time Brad and Akay were here for just a few days, this year we‚Äôve had more time togheter, consequently, much more fun the video above was made in a old abandoned shooting range, we all felt it belonged to that place. most of the other pieces they‚Äôve done in town cant be showed here for obvious reasons (…). Die n√§chsten K√ľnstler reisen bald an – und die offizielle Er√∂ffnung ist am 22. September!


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