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Evan Roth: “Urban Hacking Master Class”

Goruleva Jenia, Vasiliev Denis, Stepa Aifo, Cage & Djambo

“Crime Scene”, 2010

“The Mute”, 2010

“Tear-off Advertisement Design Services”, 2010

Evan Roth von GRL und FAT hat in Russland eine “Urban Hacking Master Class” unterrichtet. “Evan Roth, the founder of the well-known public art resource network Graffiti Research Lab, to conduct workshops for young artists in Perm, Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. The workshop in Perm brought over 1,000 enthusiastic participants! The workshops built upon growing interest in street art by teaching young artists and students how to use electronics, projecting equipment, lasers and LED lamps. Roth explained his techniques for urban hacking, graffiti analysis and the use of technology in public art as part of VisArt Russia‚Äôs Socially Engaged Art Residencies. The workshops and lectures were held at the Library Blinsky in Ekaterinburg, the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm and the ProArte in St. Petersburg.” (*) Gro√üartiges Projekt – w√ľrde auch wahnsinnig gerne einmal eine “Urban Hacking”-Klasse betreuen! Interessenten da drau√üen?


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  1. noart,

    Auf jeden Fall Interesse hier draußen!

    Sehr gerne als Workshop bei uns an der Hochschule im schönen Köln.

    Ich w√ľrde dann auch flei√üig Studenten anwerben. :)

  2. afoo,

    Auf jeden Fall interesse!

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