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Dystopic Horizons Realty: Affordable Artistic Housing

Dystopic Horizons Realty kritisiert mit ihrem ironischen Projekt die Raumnot vieler KĂĽnstler – die einzigen finanzierbaren Ateliers sind aus Pappkarton. “Spy Emerson, D.H.R. Top Producer #1, has taken affordable artist housing to The Next Level. This is the ne’plus ultra in the working artists’ portable pied-Ă -terre domestic arsenal. This coup d’état in chic urban living is perfect for the times when you either can’t make it back to your Cardboard Home or when you just need to take a break. With the Head House, you’re never far from home. And like its bigger sibling, it features a flexible floor plan, green construction, and passive heating! The Head House is an earth friendlier and even more ecologically responsible alternative to the stately Cardboard Home. Think you can’t afford a Summer Home? Think again! This house makes time sharing a breeze. For instance, when not in primary use, this Head House serves as a shelter for at risk kittens, a nesting site for finches, a community resource center and playhouse for rodents, and at night, a cozy roosting place for bats.” Via

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