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Dylan Mortimer: “Prayer Booth”

Oh, mein Gott: Bet-Boxen statt Telefonzellen, Kirchenbänke-to-go, christlicher Bling-Bling-Schmuck und viele andere höllisch gute Projekte von Dylan Mortimer. “My work explores how private faith functions in the public sphere. My challenges lie in what it means to carry an individual belief into a world where everyone believes different things. I try to navigate somewhere between the boundaries of propaganda and censorship. My goal is to spark dialogue about a topic often avoided, and often treated cynically by the contemporary art world.” Via


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  1. blaise muchina,

    hi there I would like to find out more about the prayer booth and how they work.I would be very grateful if you would tell me the program and cost of such the technology and whether you would like to partner with other intrested companies

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