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David Renault + Mathieu Tremblin: “Outsiders” – Teil II

David Renault & Mathieu Tremblin: “Human Hall of Fame”, 2010

David Renault & Mathieu Tremblin: “Taquin”

Mathieu Tremblin: “Sous scellĂ©”

Mathieu Tremblin: “Le système pyramidal du graffiti”

Mathieu Tremblin: “TempĂŞte de neige”

Mathieu Tremblin: “Un coup de pouce aux RG”

Noch mehr Projekte von David Renault und Mathieu Tremblin alias Les Freres Ripoulain – aktuell zu sehen in der Ausstellung “Outsiders” in Rennes. Mehr auch hier, hier und hier. Via: Mail, thx!


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  1. Realted to our “Taquin”; in fact it’s the total opposit of Brad’s work. yOu made a mistake while posting the picture.
    Because at the beginning of our action the lign we are moving is destructured – we are just putting it back in order…

    Check the video to understand the process : http://vimeo.com/17009263

  2. Daniel,

    I didnt get it?
    whats the point of this project? ok the line puzzle. but what about the door?

  3. The point is related to the idea of a door.
    Because there’s no door only door handle and chewing-gum in the middle of a wall (I agree this picture doesn’t show it right).


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