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Darren Rigo: “Domestic Wilderness” & “Displacement”

Darren Rigo: “In this project I seek out, research, manipulate and photographically document sites where the evidence of past human intervention with the land remains. It is important that these sites must be unused for some time and have slowly begun to be reclaimed by nature, existing now only as palimpsests. Examples of subjects may be unnatural depressions in the land where earth was quarried, sites cleared for roadways, or fields and pastures left long unattended. These subjects are slowly fading scars we have cut into the land. Their subtle existence is evidence of the generations of time it takes nature to fully efface mankind’s intervention.”

“The materials I have decided to work with include balloons, tinfoil, sparklers, vinyl table cloths, smoke bombs, crĂŞpe streamers, and christmas bulbs. All of these materials are very cheap, most of them are available at the dollar store, and all of them have been mass produced. They are materials that nearly everyone has used or played with at some point in their life. This means that everyone viewing these works brings their own experiences with the material to their interpretation and animation of each photograph.” Via


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  1. klasse land art, gefällt mir sehr – die Fotos sind auf den Punkt gebracht, schön nĂĽchtern und trotzdem echte Augenweiden.

    Danke fĂĽr den Post!

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