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Darija Medic: “The Us in Virus”

H1N1-Sticker mit Facebook-Slogan von Darija Medic: “H1N1 helps you connect and share with the people in your life” – stickers with this modified Facebook motto can not only found on many tea mugs and coffee cups in the Piet Zwart Institute, but also in bookstores, Dutch and Belgian trains, traffic lights and public toilets in and outside Rotterdam, restaurants and other places where people might share each other’s viruses. They are the first trimester project of Darija Medic, student in the Networked Media programme, and a good example of a media project without computers or electronics. She reasons that “the more the virus is spread, present, mutating, and becoming the virus per se, the more different reactions are born and mutating – turning the virus into a media monster, memetically infected with conspiracy theories and irrational behaviour. [...] Changed perception turns the virtual into true reality, and changes our experience of everyday life.”

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