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Classics: Digital Graffiti

Mathieu Tremblin hat Vintage-Digital-Graffiti in alten Videospielen (wieder)-entdeckt: “Working on our lecture last month for “Graffiti as Psychogeographical Map” seminary where we invited by Javier Abarca, I discovered a selection of screen shots made in 2004 called Digital Graffiti. Digital Graffiti ain’t any new technological hacking project, but rather the fleeting appearance of graffiti in vintage video games like beat all of the early 90s – and specifically those on arcade. (…) In their form, tags and graffiti pieces, according to the date and performance of the machine on which the game is designed, are reduced to their simplest aspects, gimmicks, fill-up, stroke, lines and drips, while names or slogans range from the lexical field of destruction (DESTROY, DEAD END) to the basis of the genre (KILROY – to KILROY WAS HERE, PUNKS RULE, PUNX NOT DEAD, HIP HOP HIP for). Designers doesn’t appear to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of this young subculture even if they entered its archetypes (acronyms – SK; onomatopoeia from the comic books – FLASH; surnames – SHEILA; appropriation of words from the consumer society – SHARP; mix of short letters without specific meaning – GEO; starification of graffiti persona – HEZ ONE, ONE DEZ).”

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