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Cedric Bernadotte: Tape-Experimente

Tape-Experimente von Cedric Bernadotte in Toulon, Frankreich. Via


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  1. Juli,


    Here’s a cut and paste of a message I sent to someone else in my search for Rebel Art. After reading the message please let me know if you are the Rebel Art I’m looking for, or if you want these pictures.

    My name is Juli and I’m in search of a local artist (or alias), most likely from Williamsburg who goes by the name of Rebel Art. A while ago, my husband rented a Zipcar and there was artwork in the trunk. He had to remove it in order to utilize the trunk space. We called Zipcar to see if we could find out who had the car, and to possibly have this artwork returned. The only thing they could do for us is to make a notation in their system, as they had no access to the member section of the lost and found. It was suggested that since we had space in the basement to store it, for us to do so and if they heard from the owner, they’d put us in contact with them. Fast forward to now and we are moving from our house. I’d totally forgotten about the pictures. I would love to see this artwork returned to the owner. The only thing attached to the paintings is a business card (phone number disconnected, no email address) that says Rebel Art. I did a google search and you came
    up. If you know anything about or anyone affiliated with Rebel Art, I’d be most grateful if you could put me in contact with them. There is a Rebel Art Blog, but it seems to be in German? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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