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Watchlist: Kool Kid Kreyola

Und noch einen neuen Künstler am Firmament entdeckt: Kool Kid Kreyola rappt über seine Kunst bzw. der Rap ist das eigentliche Kunstwerk, Kreyola nennt es “Video-Painting”. Auf alle Fälle: Ein Art-Swager! “By using rap music as a vehicle to deliver high art, Kreyola has become a radical icon of hip hop and art culture. The intersection of music, celebrity pop culture, and high art is exploited and turned on its head with “Dope Boys,” a sort of quasi-revolutionary song reminding the art world, “any minute, any hour, any second, you can come get it.”

Watchlist: Jan Huijben

“sand ball sale” (nach: David Hammons’ Blizaard ball sale) & “God hates cigarettes


Mimicking the xeroxed ads that I find in my mailbox a lot- by African witchdoctors with fabulous names like Mr. Bafode or Professor Sadhou. They can cure anything; I on the other hand can only promise what I can live up to “I don’t have a clue either”

Gerade erst entdeckt und sofort verliebt: Grandiose Performances, Skulpturen und Installationen von Jan Huijben. Via

Watchlist: Agentur Amateur

Sagmeister kann einpacken! Das ist mal “frischer Wind in der Kreativbranche”: Die Agentur Amateur (FB/T)! “Wir sind anders als alle anderen Agenturen. Bei uns arbeiten ausschließlich Amateure, das ist unser Steckenpferd. Wir beraten und betreuen unsere Kunden in den Bereichen Corporate Design, Illustration, Fotografie, Video, Werbetechnik und Onlinemedien. Unser Anspruch ist hoch: Wir möchten für jeden Auftrag Ideen, Lösungen und Kreationen schaffen. Dabei bildet die Amateurhaftigkeit unserer Mitarbeiter, sowie die Freude in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen das Fundament für unsere ausergewöhnliche, frische Kreativität. Unser Weg ist die Kreativität – unser Ziel der ERFOLG. Wir machen Sie bekannt.” Ich liebe auch den Slogan: “Wir wissen vielleicht was Sie wollen”. Via: Mail

Und sonst so? : 23. 06. 2013

Foto: Terry Richardson

* Hände hoch oder ich filme: Die “Internet Movie Firearms Database

* Die Masterarbeit über LOLCats von Kate Miltner zum kostenfreien Download

* I ♥ the work of Shana Moulton

* “Oil City is a piece of site specific theatre by Platform that interweaves real ecological scandal and fiction to make you better understand the key role that the City of London plays in the operation of the global oil industry.” Via

* “End of Streetart” (3SAT-Beitrag): “Künstler und Kreative aus aller Welt kommen zwar nach wie vor in die deutsche Hauptstadt, aber mit Subkultur hat das nichts mehr zu tun. Bauerfeind schaut im Stattbad Wedding vorbei und macht den Test: Ist Streetart tot? Und wie geht”s weiter mit Berlin?” Via

* Sitzmuster des Todes sammelt die “hässlichsten Sitzmuster der Welt”. Und Urs Bellermann hat noch weitere Muster dazu bei “Public Pattern Transport“. Via

* “Urban Intervention Award Berlin 2013“: “Ziel des Urban Intervention Award Berlin ist es, maßgeblich zur Verbesserung der Lebensqualität im urbanen Umfeld beizutragen. Dabei geht es vor allem um die kreative Entwicklung neuer urbaner Orte von hoher architektonischer Qualität, die in ihrer vitalen Ausstrahlung auf das Umfeld Vorbildcharakter haben und durch ein innovatives und interdisziplinäres Zusammenwirken von Kooperationspartnern unterschiedlicher Bereiche und Disziplinen, wie Kultur, Architektur, Wirtschaft, Initiativgruppen und soziale Kräfte, usw. entstanden sind.”

Watchlist: Sergio Gómez

Großartige abstrakte Graffiti von Sergio Gómez aus Spanien. Via

Watchlist: r1.

Auch gerade erst entdeckt: Die Arbeiten des südafrikanischen Künstlers r1. “I consider the street as an open canvas. I work with urban interventions and collect every day found materials, transforming them and placing them back where they came from, to become a part of the city’s journey. The resulting artwork is tactile, moving within the motion of the cityscape. Like the street, the work finds its meaning once an interaction with the passer-by takes place. Working with processes of transformation, replacement and motion, my role as an artist is that of a mediator. My work subtly changes the city streets to create a dialogue and interactions between the environment and our experience of it. The artworks take ownership and manipulate city spaces, opening new relationships with daily familiarity. The end result carries conversations, becoming a fragment of the ever changing city’s history.” Via

Watchlist: Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina

Irwan beim “Füttern” der Berliner Straßenreinigung

Ein menschlicher Flipper, eine “Live-Übertragung” von Fischern auf der Istanbuler Galatabrücke, eine Performance aus Sonnenschirmen: Das indonesische Künstlerduo Irwan Ahmett (“a person who has been trying to be happy”) und Tita Salina (“thinking, playing, hacking, traveling”) realisiert wunderbare, poetische und hintersinnige Aktionen, Spiele und Performances im öffentlichen Raum. Das Duo war gerade Gast im Berliner ZK/U, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik: “Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina are urban interventionists who are actively engaged with playful approaches to the city using visual communication. Their work explores issues of urban life, environment and purposive public communication. Through popular and convivial languages, they investigate basic human relations within various urban settings.”

Watchlist: Jeroen Eisinga

“Springtime”, 2010-2011: “I was covered with 150000 bees and I was stung thirty times. I did not feel any pain. Except towards the end when I was stung in my eyelids. I felt resistance up to a certain moment, but after a while I let it go and surrendered to the experience. I think I must have entered a state of trance at some point. I started to feel completely empty inside and entered a state of complete freedom. Towards the end I only heard the beating of my heart and my own breathing.”

“40-44-PG”, 1993: “The Volkswagen Beetle in this film belonged to my twin brother Bart. The license plate is the title of the film. The location is our hometown Waspik, a small village in the South of the Netherlands. We used to drive around in this car for many years, and during our year of shared unemployment we occasionally did this stunt to spice up our long days. It was our own version of train surfing or Russian roulette. The car drove around in circles with no driver in it. The wheel was tied with a rope and there was a brick on the pedal. One of us would walk around blindfolded, trying to dodge the car and trying not to get run over. The other one would watch and cheer; ‘to the left’; or ‘to the right’; ‘move on’, or ‘watch out!’ I decided to reenact this pastime or rite of passage. In this performance I did the walking and Bart filmed it, enabling me to see what I could not see with my own eyes.”

Jeroen Eisinga “(1966, Delft, Netherlands) is a visual artist and was educated at the art academy in Arnhem, the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and in scriptwriting at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles. He lives and works in Rotterdam. He has made several short and experimental films. In his work, Eisinga has been inspired by artists like Bas Jan Ader and Chris Burden.”

Watchlist: Erik Wesselo

“Düffels Möll”, 1997

“Burning Up”, 1998

Wow, gerade erst entdeckt. “Düffels Möll” ist eine atemberaubende Performance des niederländischen Konzeptkünstlers Erik Wesselo. Auch sehr schön: Für das Video “Backwards” (1996) reitet er rückwärts durch den Wald und für “Burning Up” (1998) zündet er seine Haare an. “Erik Wesselo (1964, ‘s Hertogenbosch) is a conceptual Dutch artist whose work encompasses performances, videos, photographs and drawings. He earned early recognition with his bold performances, which involved setting his own hair on fire and getting the words “LOVE” tattooed on his hand. Comparably bold, if less in a physical way, he performed a public karaoke to his favorite songs. The video Düffels Möll, 1997 shows the artist attached to the turning wing of a typical Dutch windmill.”

Watchlist: Rosemarie Fiore

“Smoke Paintings”, 2012. Foto: Ross Willows

“Good-Time Mix Machine: Scrambler Drawings”, 2004

“Royal Pine Tree”, 2003

Fantastische Malexperimente der US-amerikanischen Künstlerin Rosemarie Fiore. Aber mein Favorit ist der Baum aus Duftbäumen. “Rosemarie Fiore (b. 1972, New York, United States) lives and works in Bronx, NY. She typically produces artwork out of the actions of mechanisms. She converts popular technology such as lawn mowers, cars, waffle irons, floor polishers, pinball machines, fireworks and amusement park rides into painting machines.”