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Update: The Wa

“Correction”, Marseille, 2012: A serie of corrections done in Marseille and still ongoing, a publication should come out soon.

“Anti-climbing ladder”, Vienna, 2013

“Nest”, Vienna, 2013

“Concetto spaziale”, Venice Biennale, 2013: “Visited the Venice Biennale and made this hommage to Lucio Fontana who claimed that by cutting the canvas he opened art to the world.”

“Fire Cracker”, Rosarno, 2013

“Toutes directions”, Itxassou, 2014: “In Basque Country there has been a really big struggle between the people who want to keep alive the bask culture. For years the Basque use to throw eggs fill up with paint on roadsign if thoses signs were not translated into Basque language – finally they won their struggle.”

“Flip Flop”, Berlin, 2013

“Splat!”, Vienna, 2014

“The Love Bridge”, Cologne, 2013

“P.S”, 2013

Endlich wieder einmal ein umfangreiches Update mit neuen Installationen, Objekten und Skulpturen des französischen Künstlers THE WA! Via: Mail, merci!

Buchtipp: “Urban Nomads” von Winfried Baumann

“WBF 240 Shelter”, Wohnbehälter, fahrbar mit Haube, © Winfried Baumann, Foto: Elmar Hahn

“WBF 240-Luxury”, Wohnbehälter mit Luxusausstattung, © Winfried Baumann, Foto: Elmar Hahn

“IH Shopping Cart NETTO”, © Winfried Baumann, Foto: Elmar Hahn

“Rough Sleeper Collection, Kombianzug Gatherer PK.201″, © Winfried Baumann, Foto: Elmar Hahn

Schöner Bildband über das Werk des Künstlers Winfried Baumann, der seit über zehn Jahren Wohnsysteme für Obdachlose, Demonstranten und andere urbane Nomaden baut: Gerade erschienen im Hirmer-Verlag, 360 Seiten, 418 Abbildungen in Farbe, 29,90 Euro, mit Beiträge von Ludwig Fels, Harriet Zilch sowie Nicola Graef im Interview mit Winfried Baumann.

“Winfried Baumann (geb. 1956) hat in den letzten Jahren ein stringentes und überaus komplexes Werk geschaffen, das an der Schnittstelle von Kunst, Architektur und Design angesiedelt ist. Seit 2001 baut der Künstler Winfried Baumann Wohnsystem für Obdachlose und andere urbane Nomaden. Unter der Marke urban nomads sind alle Projekte von Winfried Baumann zusammengefasst die mit Mobilität, Behausung, Verpflegung und Fortbewegung zu tun haben. Die umfangreichste Werkgruppe ist Instant Housing. Instant Housing sind kleinste, mobile Wohncontainer, die auf die spezielle Lebenssituation der Benutzer ausgerichtet sind, und die immer von einer Person handhabbar sind. Daneben sind eine Reihe weiterer Projekte entstanden: Instant Cooking (nomadisch mobile Kochstationen), Instant Help (medizinsche Betreuung von Obdachlosen), Instant Exhibition (mobile Wohn- und Ausstellungssysteme) und Instant Housing Shelter (Kathastrophenhilfe). Winfried Baumann lässt die Grenzen zwischen Kunstobjekt, Design und sozialem Aktivismus zusammen fliessen. Als ausgebildeter Bildhauer stellt er Objekte her die neben ihrer funktionalen Eigenschaft immer auch immer einen modellhaften, skulpturalen Charakter haben. In einer Zeit in der bestehende Lebensformen und Lebensräume ständig in Frage gestellt werden, in der Mobilität und Veränderung zur Lebensmaxime geworden sind, regen die Arbeiten von Winfried Baumann an über die eigenen und über die Lebensformen anderer nachzudenken.”

Fra. Biancoshock: “Waste Washing” & “Self-Control”

Neue Arbeiten von Fra. Biancoshock. Via: Mail

Filmtipp: “The Institute”

Doku über das “Jejune Institute” von Jeff Hull in San Francisco: “Their mission is to provoke discovery through visceral experience and pervasive play. As creators of the Jejune Institute, an award-winning immersive narrative experience, Nonchalance was successfully able to re-engineer the way audiences interact with media, the space around them, and each other. Utilizing automated environments, pirate radio broadcasts, guerilla masonry, and lock boxes within lock boxes, Hull’s work represents a warp zone that transports audiences between hyper realized fantasy worlds. Previously as a street artist with an ambition to infuse more variability and play into the civic realm, Jeff created Oaklandish; a decade-strong community arts organization with 20 consecutive “Best of the East Bay” Awards to it’s credit. He is also the founder of inner city playground activities such as the Urban Capture the Flag League, the Lake Merritt Radio Regatta, and the Liberation Drive-In which spawned an international movement of rogue parking lot movie screenings.” Via: Laurence, merci!

Calvin Seibert: “Box Builder”

Sandburgen von Calvin Seibert. Via

Update: Michel de Broin

“Silent Shouts”, 2008: “This photographic series explore moments captured of passengers in public transport surrounded with unintelligible inscriptions across the windows.”

“Réparations is an interventionist action in Paris in which found, empty plastic bottles were recycled and transformed into rockets.”

“All the parts of a Buick Regal 1986 deemed to be superfluous— engine, suspension, transmission, electrical system—were removed to reduce the vehicle’s weight to a minimum while keeping its appearance. The body was then equipped with a mechanical system made up of four autonomous pairs of pedals, enabling the passengers to form a self-propelling group.”

“Three empty drink cans are observed by a fixed camera. Blown around randomly in a fenced-off urban corner, they clash, disperse and regroup in ever-changing configurations.”

“A protagonist cuts down a lamppost with a chainsaw. The operation lasts several minutes before it tumbles to the ground.”

“Ranging from assemblage to video and photography, Michel de Broin has developed a constantly expanding visual vocabulary. Piece by piece, the objects involved are sometimes universally recognizable but their behaviour defies their functions and uses taken for granted. Crafting new relationships between waste, productivity, risk and consumption, established modes of signification are endangered, yielding retooled technological environments that feed a constant questioning.” Mehr auch hier. Via: MT

Watchlist: Wouter Sibum

“Cebra Diapositiva”, 2013

“Colour me surprised” with Nicolas Vionnet, 2012

“Re-Pair”, 2009

out/box“: Wunderbare Objet-Trouvé im öffentlichen Raum

Wouter Sibum, Amsterdam (NL) 1980 is an artist who makes installations, photographs and artistic interventions with a special interest in context related art. He has a particular interest in public space, street furniture, spacial design, social structures, but above all, benches.” Via

Watchlist: Artúr van Balen / Tools For Actions

Artúr van Balen und das Kollektiv Tools For Actions produziert partizipative, aufblasbare Skulpturen: “The materials I use depend on the artistic concept. I am interested in the way that the material itself can change the meaning of the work. An example are my supermarket chickens made out of precious porcelain or the Compost Sculpture made out of biodegradable plastic. The size of the work can vary from a microscopic small obstacle course for amoebas to a gigantic 12 meter inflatable hammer. To realise the projects, I often start cooperations with scientists, artists and even companies.”

Elfo: “Monochromo”

Neue Arbeit von Elfo.

Etienne Lavie: “OMG, Who Stole My Ads?”

Etienne Lavie tauscht Werbung durch Motive historischer Malerei aus. Via