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Vermibus: “Dissolving Europe”

Doku über die Arbeit des Berliner Künstlers Vermibus: “Dissolving Europe is the new public art work that stormed Europe this year from Vermibus. Using a dubious inter-rail ticket, Vermibus set out with a set of 90 keys and his pallet of solvents to physically and temporally highjack the western world of advertisements in the name of fine art. Each site is carefully deliberated with its environment, from Rolex boutiques, to archaic museums. The system looks simple in movement: unlock and roll the advertising poster to create a huge blank gleaming white breath of fresh air in the urban environment. The advert then undertakes the process of counter action painting using a series of solvents and brushes, it is then replaced in another site, another city, another country.”

Fake-Vorschriften: Londoner U-Bahn

Schöne Sammlung von Fake-Stickern in der Londoner U-Bahn. Via

Update: OX

Ein paar neue, wie immer wunderbare Arbeiten von OX.

Watchlist: TONI SPYRA

Objekte und Interventionen: Das sehenswerte Portfolio von Toni Spyra. Via

Update: Fra.Biancoshock

Neue Arbeiten des italienischen Künstlers Fra.Biancoshock. Via: Mail

Watchlist: VELI & AMOS

Das slowenisch-schweizerische Künstlerduo Veli Silver (* 1983) & Amos Angeles (* 1986) hat eine wunderbare Reihe von Action-Painting-Performances mit Sprühdosen realisiert (u.a. mit dem einzigartigen Christian Falsnaes). Und nebenbei hat das Duo auch noch einen Film über sich selbst gedreht – und diesen kurzerhand “Style Wars 2” genannt. Frech, frech. Übrigens auch absolut hörbar: die Musikvideos/Songs der zwei Tausendsassa…

“Style Wars 2 is a graffiti documentary produced by Veli and Amos, a Swiss-Slovenian artist duo. The movie is a sequel of the cult movie “Style Wars” from 1983 and gives an update on today’s graffiti and street art scene, in a very unique and entertaining format. 30 years after the release of Style Wars, the movie that helped spread the graffiti movement from New York around the world, Veli and Amos, the producers and main protagonists of Style Wars 2, hit the road to discover new graffiti styles and meet the artists behind. A wild journey takes them from Europe to New York and the Middle East, from galleries to war zones. The movie is a well-quoted homage to the original Style Wars movie and at the same time tells the personal story of Veli and Amos. Even though the movie’s main focus is on graffiti, it approaches the topic in a much broader way, and also alludes to politics, art and lifestyle.”

SpY: “Cameras”

Neue Arbeit von SpY in Madrid: “Installation of 150 fake security cameras on building facade with the intention of not watching over anything.” Via: Mail

Und sonst so? : 29. 12. 2013

Frohe Weihnachten, nachträglich: Josephine Witt: Die auf den Altar sprang. Hier das Video.

* €UROMILLIONS: Wow, was für ein tumblr, hat es auf Anhieb in meine Lieblinks geschafft. Danke für den Tipp, Fräulein Freynhagen!

* Wem über die Feiertage langweilig wird, für den ist das neue Projekt von Benjamin Gaulon: “Autocomplete emulates your mouse and keyboard. The software (built with Max/Msp), moves the user’s mouse to the Spotlight area, searches for Safari, opens the application, starts a new tab, types “www.google.com,” and writes search queries randomly from a database which are then autocompleted by the Google Autocomplete function.”

* Wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat: Die letzten Mitglieder der russischen Punkband Pussy Riot sind frei. Interview u.a. bei SpOn.

* Lesetipp: “Viral Art: How the internet has shaped street art and graffiti” von RJ Rushmore/Vandalog

* Lesetipp II: “Feminism, According to Stock Photography“. Via

* Lesetipp III: “My Life Without Technoviking: An Interview with Matthias Fritsch

* Buchtipp I: Endlich gibt´s auch ein Buch über das Werk von Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf: “Wermke Leinkauf”, Texte (dt./eng.) von Xander Karskens und Bettina Klein, 136 S. mit 250 farbigen Abbildungen, 29,80 €

* Buchtipp II: Neue Ideen von meinem Lieblingskünstler Helmut Smits: “ideas and thoughts by helmut smits

* Und noch weitere Buchtipps von WMMNA-Régine

* Filmtipp: Der neue Film von meinem Lieblingsradaumacher Lars von Trier: Nymph()maniac

* Für alle faulen Kuratoren: Ausstellungstitel finden mit dem Generator von Rebecca Uchill

* Yeah, The Wa aka Francois Duchamp & King Nabi haben es ins TV & Kino geschafft. “cute cool cat high fivemacht jetzt Werbung für Coca-Cola (0:27).

* Régine spricht mit Antonin Fourneau über sein “geek extravaganza” Arcade-Projekt: ENIAROF.

* “Ziviler Ungehorsam und Subversion für jeden Anlass”: Das Berliner Peng-Kollektiv & die Aktion SlamShell.

Vladimír Turner: Update

“We are all terrorists”, 2013: Inviting people to pose as an radical/terrorist in public places and making photos of them in tourist manner.

“S.O.S.”, 2013

“Banana Memorial”, 2013: “This memorial that is supposed to honour black soldiers, who fought under the French flag between 1830 and 1962 is situated in a remote park in Toulouse, France. Located between railway tracks, a supermarket and a parking lot it is a transit spot, where passers-by hurry along with full grocery bags or where they take their dogs for a walk around the stinking curbs. I consider the location and the very existence of this memorial as a mockery of black people. Let’s not forget that France used soldiers of African heritage to conquer new colonies. History shows that the goals of European powers were often in contrast to the interests of black people. Even today France asserts its imperial goals all over the world and sometimes not just by peaceful means. Scarred souls of the inhabitants of post-colonial countries or today’s French immigration policy clearly prove, that the time of colonialism is not yet over. Present-day colonialism is more of a cultural nature, but for that, not less dangerous. Today’s Europe with its problematic immigration laws often perceives immigrants as exotic fruit, that brings us from faraway places a culture more colourful than our own. I think this attitude is as xenophobic and potentially dangerous as open racism. My “Banana memorial” is an artistic metaphor of how the strongly nationalistic French society views other races. Its title is derived from the expression “banana republic”.”

“Portal serie” (started in Brisbane, Australia, 2012)

“Leader Price”, 2013: Slipknots made from Leader Price supermarket plastic bags.

Food Not Bombs“: A cooking tv show parody

Neue Arbeiten von Vladimír Turner. Mehr Bilder aus seiner Residency “L’Office de la créativité” in Toulouse hier. Via: Mail

Oops They Did It Again: Brakay in Grottaglie

So kann das Jahr zu Ende gehen: Mit einem letzten Gipfeltreffen im italienischen Grottaglie. Angelo von Studiocrombie/Fame Festival hat sich entschlossen in diesem Jahr kein Festival mehr zu machen, sondern nur noch Ausstellungen und Projekte mit Künstlern, die er gerne mag. Und so gibt es am 14. Dezember, ab 19 Uhr, noch einmal ein Projekt/Ausstellung/Performance/Aktion vom “Tag Team” der “Street”-”Art”: Brad Downey & Akay. Sicher eine Weihnachtsreise nach Italien wert!