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Luzinterruptus: “Drinking water running through the streets”

Luzinterruptus und ihre neue Intervention: “Drinking water running through the streets”. “In Madrid, in less than 30 years, more than 50% of the public fountains in service have been lost, which now are seen to be dismantled, broken, without a tap to drink from or simply dry. To criticize the indifference of the administration in regards to a necessary public service, we carried out our action. We have spent more than 4 months collecting the glass containers of the multiple vitamin supplement Infatrini, prescribed for little Alicia, who is now 1 year old, and whose father Fernando has been saving them for us with all the patience in the world. In total they have donated more than 200 vials to us that we have thoroughly cleaned and used to create our individual and luminous streams of water. On a cold night at the end of January, we went out into the street and took control of 4 unused public fountains in the city center, bringing them back to life for a few hours. We wanted to say that water is necessary for life and that the fountains that are used for drinking and refreshing ourselves seem much more necessary and beautiful to us than those which are merely ornamental, which the citizens cannot normally get close if not for some football event of “national interest”.” Via: Mail

Luis Sezões: “Fallen Empires”

Luis Sezões fotografiert verlassene Plakatwände: “It is a series of photographs I’ve been making since September of 2011 depicting abandoned advertisement structures, before used as support to host commercial advertisements or political campaigns. I see them as a reflection of the crisis in Europe in general and in Portugal in particular and as traces of a semi-apocalyptic and post-capitalist society.” Via: Mail

Niels Post: “On Spam, Business Proposals”

Der niederländische Künstler und Blogger Niels Post klebt Business-Spam auf die Schaufenster leerstehender Geschäfte: “A series of interventions/photographs for which I collect sentences from business proposals that are being emailed to me and that I have plotted out as vinyl adhesive letters. With those sentences I look for vacant commercial windows (shops, offices). Once a suitable window is found I then paste a sentence on the empty shopping window. Oddly enough the business opportunities a vacant shopping space offer work beautifully with the empty promises of loads of money in your email box.”

Watchlist: Vermibus

Fotos: Laura Colomé

Vermibus übermalt Werbung in Berlin. Via

Kyle Bean: “Soft Guerilla”

Foto: Sam Hofman

Schöne Serie von Kyle Bean zum Thema “Soft Guerilla”: “A series of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centred around the topic of ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’.” Via

Ken De Keyser: “K+D+K”

Blickkontakt mit dem Künstler – ein Projekt des belgischen Konzeptkünstlers Ken De Keyser: “During the last two years De Keyser has been performing on opening nights at galleries and musea. During these performances he got into the role of a documentary filmmaker, observing the crowd, looking for tension between the exhibited work, the viewer and himself as an artist. Herein lies the paradox that characterizes this project: The artist’s need for recognition of a scene he condoms with his artistic output. This interaction, this curious moment when eyes meet lens – reveals the motive of both artist and spectator. De Keyser seeks recognition of his artistry in those of his presence. This results in fragments that balance between objective and subjective perceptions, between registration and authorship. Besides the basis concept – to confront the viewer with itself – this project is more than just institutional critique It is also a study of the social role of the artist, who – in this case – runs a phenomenological campaign for himself. With this campaign, De Keyser claims his space in the scene he portrays and condems his own consistently used marketing.” Via: Mail

Just Taking Pictures

NYC 2010

Just hat sein Portfolio aktualisiert: “Bilder von 2007 – 2011. DAIM, BOXI, Armsrock, Faith47, Marc Jenkins, DOMA-Collective, BLU & JR, Victor ASH, TILT, Ben Eine und viele mehr”.

Melodie Mousset: “On stoning and unstoning”

Melodie Mousset: “Balancing power in fast changing societal and natural dynamics (on stoning and unstoning”.


Foto: Philippe Puiseux

Aber jetzt! Von Buchläden ignoriert (in Straßburg verweigert z.B. die Buchhandlung des Museums für zeitgenössische Kunst die Auslage mit den Worten “N’ayant pas la clientèle pour le calendrier LOLStreetart 2012″ – “nicht die Klientel”, hä?) und natürlich von der Mainstreampresse verschmäht – und selbst Freunde haben nur noch ein verschämtes Lächeln übrig: Was ist denn los? Zu hart oder was? Es gibt doch nur einen erigierten Schwanz! Mhh – naja, zum Glück brauchen wir das alles nicht, denn ihr könnt hier online die letzten Exemplare ergattern (limitiert auf 666 Stück). Außerdem der Beweis: Der rebel:art-LOL-Street-Art-Porn-Kalender 2012 ist ein Spaß für die ganze Familie! “A friend of mine with the calender. Sorry”, schreibt OX. Wer noch einen Kalender zu Weihnachten bestellen und damit rebel:art unterstützen möchte – bütte hier entlang… MERCI!

Unsere Freunde & Helfer auf Zeugensuche

Die Polizei in Hamburg, sprich das Einsatzkommando “Farbschmierereien”, wird immer kreativer: “Auf der letzten Artillerie (eine Art illegaler Galerieraum) hat ein Fotograf Post von der Polizei bekommen und eine Vorladung – und soll jetzt aussagen über die Künstler die dort gearbeitet haben.” Hoffentlich weiß der Fotograf, dass er, falls er dort vor Ort einer journalistischen Tätigkeit (wenn er z.B. für Blogs publiziert) nachging, ein gesetzlich verbrieftes, berufliches “Zeugnisverweigerungsrecht” hat – d.h. er muss seine Quellen nicht offenlegen und muss auch keinem Polizisten seine Informationen preisgeben. Via: Mail, thx F, Bild via FB!