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Buchtipp: “Aram Bartholl – The Speed Book”

Schon mal vormerken: Die erste Monografie zum Werk von Aram Bartholl erscheint ab Januar 2012 im Gestalten Verlag – u.a. herausgegeben von Domenicio Quaranta, gestaltet von Manuel BĂĽrger und mit Texten von Josephine Bosma, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jon Cates, Lindsay Howard, Alessandro Ludovico, Evan Roth, Bruce Sterling, Brad Troemel. “Aram Bartholl’s work explores the power structures, the social systems, the cultural innovations, the inner dynamics, the languages, and the products that are shaping our age. This first comprehensive monograph offers entry to an oeuvre in which space and cyberspace mingle and mangle each other, a realm that uses as little technology as possible while still speaking a digital language. Aram Bartholl: The Speed Book features savvy experiments with transitions from the virtual to the physical: USB sticks embedded into walls, buildings, and curbs; giant real-life versions of Google’s red map markers positioned in public spaces; portraits generated from search results. An introduction by editor Domenico Quaranta as well as essays by science fiction writer Bruce Sterling, art critics, and fellow artists guide readers through a wonderfully skewed version of reality under the influence of the internet, something Sterling refers to as Bartholl’s “self-created twilight zone.”


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