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Brian Holmes: Affectivist Manifesto

Foto: Improv Everywhere und Freunde begrĂĽĂźen Fremde am Flughafen

Der Theorie-Brocken am Wochenende: Brian Holmes und das “Affectivist Manifesto“. “World society is the theater of affectivist art, the stage on which it appears and the circuit in which it produces meaning. But how can we define this society in existential terms? First, it is clear that a global society now exists: with global communications, transport networks, benchmarked educational systems, standardized technologies, franchised consumption facilities, global finance, commercial law and media fashion. That layer of experience is extensive, but still rather thin; it can only claim part of the lifeworld. To engage with affectivist art, to critique it and recreate it, you have to know not only where new territories of sensibility emerge – in which locale, in which historical geography – but also at which scale. Existence in world society is experienced, or becomes aesthetic, as an interplay of scales qualifying each other.”


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  1. sum1,

    Sag mal, merkst Du das denn gar nicht? Das ist ein Werbespot fĂĽr Absolut Vodka!
    Siehe: http://sum1.onreact.com/?p=1480

    Oder stehst Du jetzt auf Guerilla Marketing?

  2. *A,

    Jau Sum, hast natĂĽrlich Recht – geht bei diesem Post ja aber auch gar nicht ĂĽber die Aktion, ist nur ne “Bebilderung” zum Text… Bis bald mal wieder, greetz, *A

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