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Brad Downey & Akay @ Fame Festival

Wow, was fĂĽr ein Traumpaar: Brakay ist das neue Brangelina! Brad Downey und Akay haben zusammen im italienischen Grottagli fĂĽr das Fame Festival zahlreiche neue Arbeiten realisiert. “These pieces and actions reflect pretty faithfully the entire festival atmosphere and attitude. A bunch of kids playing freely with the context, for fun, improvising totally unnecessary things that will eventually look good or even have a meaning or a message. The truth is that it just feels great to do what we really like to do, especially because we were never asked to do it and it wasnt supposed to be done at all. So you do your shit, somebody will point it out as illegal, some other will call it art, but after all, legality has never been fun and art is just so BORING when it’s so much “art” that it’s better to let others do the talking we dont really give a fuck.”


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  1. Playboy 88,

    Gähn, Downey.

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