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BR1: “Blue Back Collision”

Eine neue Arbeit von BR1 in Turin: “You know that I am workink on paper realizing posters and I am focusing the attention on the billboards. But the relation between the public space (in this case the billboard) and the material, the paper, is important and bring me often and often to study this relation. I think paper represent at his best the bi-dimensionality. and I was forced to work with this bi-dimensionality. The poster on billboard is flat. If I tryed with Elfo to bring out the thickness of bills in berlin, digging a big circle in advertisement, this time I tryed to work on the tri-dimensionality, in a way really simple and essential. if the study is the relation beetwen the billboard and the paper, I used only a blue back advertisement paper, working on it to come out from the flat billboard.” Via: Mail

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