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Benjamin Verdonck: “Nest Rotterdam”

Benjamin Verdonck, “Nest Rotterdam“, 2008. Via


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  1. Len Adams,

    Hi Benjamin,
    I am a journalist working for Internews, a UK news agency. We provide topical stories and pictures to the media at home and overseas. We love your ‘nest’and want to run the story. Can you send some hi-res images? We have read a lot about you
    so I think we are OK for words. It’s a great story. Later we can send you copies of anything
    published. Good luck in your endeavours.
    And thanks for brightening up people’s lives.
    Len Adams/Writer

  2. hello len adams
    i work for benjamin
    i only read you message now
    you can send me a mail at manu.devriendt@skynet.be
    if you still need the pictures
    check the project site at http://www.nest-rotterdam.nl

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