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Benjamin Gaulon: “Corrupt.desktop”

Der neue Hack von Benjamin Gaulon: “Corrupt.desktop glitch, in real time, the computer’s desktop image. So if you want to glitch your local Apple Store or Apple Retailer simply download the App (from the shop’s computer): DOWNLOAD Corrupt.desktop. Corrupt.online, Corrupt.video and Corrupt.desktop are using the same algorithm, which consists of a binary alteration of the original data. So technically Corrupt damages the data on a binary level, which result in unpredictable and beautiful results. A project by Martial Geoffre-Rouland and Benjamin Gaulon, based on Corrupt a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on www.corrupt.recyclism.com.” Via: Mail


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  1. bernd,

    run Terminal and enter (while sleep 51; do say mediamarkt sucks somewhat; done)&

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