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Autonomous Public Art Workshop, Madrid – 2008/2009 Edition

Die Projekte des diesj√§hrigen “Autonomous Public Art Workshop“, einem Kurs an der Kunstuniversit√§t Madrid √ľber “unsanctioned art in public spaces: graffiti, postgraffiti, urban intervention, artivism, outsider public art”, organisiert von Javier Abarca sind live – und es sind wieder richtig charmante und poetische Arbeiten dabei entstanden. Pilar L√≥pez: “Little pieces of paper in the walls”: “Inspired by each ubication, the artists writes short texts in small pieces of paper to insert them into little crannies in the street walls. This project gives voice to the buildings and so reminds us that they live, enjoy, suffer and age together with us. The pieces of paper are left to be found by the pedestrian in a moment of fragile and moving poetry.”

Alejandro Lii: “Poem of a quiet night”: “A series of photographs depicting corners of Madrid city center where people regularly urinate. These serene nocturnal images of unexpected beauty effortessly build an eerie atmosphere.”

Juan de la Rosa: “Untitled”: “A series of night images that succeed at bringing forward both a critique about politics of urban planning and a silent but lyrically strong chorus.”

Elena G√≥mez: “Garbage”: “Through a simple gesture the artist conveys a statement about the concept of waste and our relationship with the manufactured object.” Mehr auch hier, via: Mail


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