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“Art & Arcade” @ MU, Eindhoven (bis 25. Mai)

Ein paar Bilder meiner Ausstellung “Art & Arcade” aus dem Haus f√ľr Elektronische K√ľnste Basel, noch bis zum 25. Mai im MU in Eindhoven zu sehen & zu spielen: “If you are a gaming addict and an art freak, MU is THE place to be for you this April and May. Art & Arcade, a collection of ten gaming classics that have been given an artistic overhaul, is coming straight to Eindhoven from the Haus f√ľr Elektronische K√ľnste in Basel where it premiered. Arcade video machines never go out of style. In the 1970s the first entertainment arcades appeared, the so-called Penny Arcades. As their name implies, they would spring to life after insertion of a coin. For decades these arcade games flourished, and classic games were developed and marketed for them, such as Pong, Space Invaders, Mario Bros, Tron Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Having grown up with these games it was inevitable that these visual artists would start using the arcade games in their work. They are restructuring the video games, fitting them with new functions, creating fantasy worlds and experimenting with 8-bit aesthetics to transform the gaming culture into art. MU | Strijp S will be transformed into a gaming arcade where you can indulge yourself with games such as Painstation, Pentapong, The Machine, Radical ATM Service, Tesla Arcade, Cage was a n00b and Racer. Guest curator: Alain Bieber. Participating artists: fur art entertainment interfaces | Canedo, Maingardt & Hartmann | Hussein Chalayan | Djeff | Iv√°n Kozenitzky, Federico Lazcano | JODI | MOBILESKINO | Evan Roth | Haas, Wellershoff & Winter | Andreas Ullrich / C.Rockefeller Art Investment Group.”

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