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Aram Bartholl: “DVD Dead Drop”

Nach den “USB-Sticks” hat Aram Bartholl jetzt das “Dead-Drop”-Nachfolgeprojekt realisiert:
DVD Dead Drop” – einen in der Wand versteckten DVD-Brenner, der einem monatlich digitale Kunst und Infos zu aktuellen Ausstellungen auf DVD brennt. “For this new commissioned work, artist Aram Bartholl (Berlin, b. 1972) will embed an inconspicuous, slot-loading DVD burner into the side of the Museum, available to the public 24 hours a day. Visitors who find the Dead Drop and insert a blank DVD-R will receive a surprise collection of digital files that may include found footage, animated GIFs, video games, feature films, or interactive art curated or created by artists selected by Bartholl. DVD Dead Drop imbues the act of data transfer with a tangibility left behind in a world of cloud computing and appstores, using a medium—the digital versatile disc—that is quickly becoming another artifact of the past. DVD Dead Drop is a continuation of Bartholl’s series of offline file-sharing networks in public spaces. The original Dead Drops cemented unauthorized USB thumb drives into walls, buildings, and curbs, encouraging a “read-write” information ecosystem that mirrors discourse in public spaces. Here the “read-only” nature of DVD Dead Drop comments on the information flow of a museum, where the dissemination of carefully considered and filtered knowledge follows something much closer to a consumer broadcast model.”

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