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Aljoscha: Biosm in Düsseldorf

Neue Bioism-Aktion von Aljoscha in Düsseldorf: “04.04.2010: Martin-Luther-Platz, Düsseldorf. bioism creature meets blacksmith with his pupil: we “will use artificial molecules to reproduce emergent behaviour from natural biology, with the goal of creating artificial life or seek interchangeable biological parts to assemble them into devices and systems that function in a manner not found in nature”ˆ. from homo faber to homo creator!” Außerdem gibt’s auch eine Ausstellung: “bioism aims to spread new and endless forms of life throughout the universe”, ab 16. April, ARTUNITED, Garnisongasse 11/12, Eingang Rotenhausgasse 10, Wien. Via: Mail

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