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Aljoscha: “Biofuturism sculptures”, 2009

Bio-Art trifft Street-Art: Die “biofuturistischen” Skulpturen von Aljoscha – illegal im Museum angebracht bzw. im urbanen Raum. “From 17th until 24th of March 2009 in 19 German museums (most of modern art) epidemically appeared 84 unknown sculptural creatures. I call this art action “the growing signs of life”, which is primarily based on some ideas in my artist statement: bioism or biofuturism represents my attempt to create new living forms and a new aesthetics of future organic life. for me, bioism is a way to develop art objects which express new forms of vital activity. bioism is my attempt to produce an art based on vitality and complexity. in elaborating each piece, I try to invest in with as much movement, breathing and multiplicity as possible. I regard each of my works as a living being.” Via: Mail


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  1. sehr interessante perspektive – biofuturismus…
    ihr umgang mit ihrer kunst ist sehr interssant. kunst als tatsächlich lebendige sache, ich finds klasse!

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