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Abraham Cruzvillegas: “Passage Souterrain”

Die Pariser Guerilla-UnterfĂĽhrung-Galerie “Passage Souterrain” wird leider verschwinden – und feiert noch einmal mit einer letzten Ausstellung: “It’s sad times due to the disparation of the Passage Souterrain in Paris… which not for well known is less sad… after 7 years of continous interventions (by 13 artists) the works to replace the space for a traffic light have already started and countdown is clicking uncompassionate… I guess that no more than few days are remaining to it’s definitely elimination… So to wave it away, nothing better than a long lasting artwork… Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas has created two beautiful pieces I’m really happy with… they are two scratched patterns on the wall that represent the places in Paris that are important for him connceted with lines… the scratch looks for the original wall of the Passage (covered by endless layers of painting) as Cruzvillegas’ memory deepens in his own past… Doing it wasn’t exactly easy but allowed me to be in close contact with the space, going through all the moments I spent there and all the interventions made…” Danke fĂĽr die Info – und viel Erfolg bei den nächsten Projekten! Via: Mail


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  1. More info at: http://www.passage-souterrain.org

    Thanks Alain, for your support and for your rebelart website!!!

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