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24 Hours Surfing #2: Hans Bernhard (UBERMORGEN.COM)

Internet Surfing Club – Teil II. Diesmal stellt uns der österreichische Medienkünstler Hans Bernhard (UBERMORGEN.COM) für die Serie “24 Hours Surfing” sein Logfile zur Verfügung. Ein Tag (22. April 2011) im Netz mit Hans Bernhard – viel Spaß beim Nachsurfen!

00:00 Hypomanic, working on and listening to YouTube: Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

00:01 fukk around with facebook friends, messages inbox

00:14 Cady Noland and Santiago Sierra

00:19 Reverse lookup Kriminalamt Austria, for Trauma/Schema book release with logfiles from UM.COM, Naziline.de, Vote-Auction, Tortureclassics, ie.

00:44 Check out whether UBERMORGEN.COM: MEDIA HACKING VS CONCEPTUAL ART monograph has been processed by Google Books, i uploaded it the day before..

00:53 Left computer, took psychotropic drugs (including Zyprexa 5mg, 2×500 mg Depakine, 1×300 mg Neurotop, 250 microgram Seretide), to bed with ipad watching criminal minds, eating: 1 Burger, 10 Fishsticks, 1 box of cookies, 1 Tea, Water…

02:33 Slipped away into the darkness of the night.. sleeping… Good Night, and Good Luck.

10:24 Got up. Kids are at Grandmas, wow, got myself a coffee (decaf) and straight online, SPON, email, NIN (fukk me like an animal), Robbie Williams (Rock DJ)…

10:44 Email Inboxoverflow.. work them mails hard & fast..

12:01 working on DOUBLETHINK PROJECT, research, conceptual meeting with lizvlx…

13:22 Inbox, Co-Workers, Collaborators (CURRENT, RECENT, PAST, WEEKLYPLANS) organized

13:23 Eating strawberries…

13:27 Watching WOPPOW Somali Pirate Fashion on ARTE Creative… sending Gomba Otieno alias WOPPOW an email..

14:01 Email an James

14:04 Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love

14:37 Weightlifting, French Kissing in the USA, Debbie Harry (french version on youtube)

14:48 researching families who lost their homes and had to move into trailver park (foreclosure)

14:53 Read: Die Datenexhibitionisten. Wären die Menschen ohne Datenschutz freier, weil dieser ohnehin überholt ist? Die Post-Privacy-Bewegung glaubt daran. – “Privatsphäre ist so was von Eighties. Dem Internet verbieten zu wollen, Daten zu kopieren, ist wie der Versuch, Wasser am fließen zu hindern. Computer sind Kopiermaschinen”

14:54 Subscribed to http://twitter.com/#!/fasel

14:56 Subscribed to http://twitter.com/#!/spackeria

15:21 Fluxus projekt idee and IBM 100 jahre projekt idea, formulated, written und save in IDEA DATABASE

15.26 Manual Backup IDEA, RESEARCH and ADDRESSES DBs

15:34 Email to Heath Bunting about Silver and Gold and the current situation (i think lost a bet to heath and now owe him an ounce of silver

15:58 Cooking, Shower, kitchen cleanup

16:22 Spaghetti pesto, cocktail tomtoes, an orange and some strawberries & “Justified” S02E09

16:37 Going for a walk

17:12 Back from walk around the block, bought some cheese in a can from the turkish shop, the sun is shining and it is mos def spring time

17:25 Photoresearch, capitalism in montages of john heartfield, dazu “Notorious” von Duran Duran

17:46 lizvlx, lola mae and billie ada arrive at home with food and shit

18:57 Out to the park with the kids, did some hundres of pics of billie training for figure skating (they call it “trockentraining”, it is like dry training, similar to ballet, but very sporty and designed for figure skaters like her.. then had a 1 hour call with me sista..

20:03 Dinner (smoked salmon, turkish chees, nüsslisalat, bread, knaeckebrot, butter, cucumber)…

20:45 Desaster struck, big fight with billie, all good again,

20:49 Discussion with liz about RAF (red army fraction in germany), but version 2.0, now.. theoretical, surely, but very stimulating, think about it.. why not?

22:01 Another idea made its way into the IDEA DB

22:03 Not bad! at all.. http://worldrehearsalcourt.com/ & http://www.artandeducation.net/announcement/judy-radul-world-rehearsal-court/

22:04 Email to gallerist

22:05Say You Really Want Me” – Kim Wilde (American Version)

22:08 Trying to talk to marcus on skype, he is never there!

22:09 http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/ – chrome experiment, html5 work..

22:13 Gotta get the kids to rest/bed

22:19 Scan a photo of billie after her 2nd free skate event

22:22Stripped” – Depeche Mode

22:27Somewhere” – Barbra Streisand

22:42 Kids are still running around, hibiscus with honey for them kids and me

22:57 lizvlx is researching releation of kids weight / height

22:59 Artes Mundi Award, i check out the nominations pages, our assistant will do that tomorrow.. hopefully

23:01 Send & read some emails…

23:02 Email conversation with miltos manetas, about the INTERNET PAVILLION at Venice Biennale 2011

23:06 Tweet: hansbernhard SILVER LIBERATION ARMY – http://silverliberationarmy.com – NOWWOW! – tx heath.. 19 seconds ago Favorite Reply Delete – https://twitter.com/hansbernhard

23:10 Writing into the 24 hours surfing script (i do it in my email client as email, at the same time the photobooth is recording and shooting images infrequently)

23:11 Reading about The new John Kaldor Family Gallery with Sol LeWitt’s “Wall drawing #1091: arcs, circles and bands (room),” 2003. Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney unveils a new floor for contemporary art. And doing some shots with Photobooth (b/w)

23.15 Reading Berliner Kunstkontakter: BERLIN weekly No. 1511: HotSpot Berlin – Between 1.001 Chairs for Ai Weiwei and the Establishment

23:18 Checking some URLs from heath

23:19Sledgehammer” – Peter Gabriel

23:21 Email to a good friend (yes, she’s got the looks, asian model)

23:26 Sent off an email to friends in Yokohama

23:27Nasty” – Janet Jackson, fine vid!! goood dancin’, funky sound

23:30 Looking at Domenico Quaranta’s Deberlusconizer, checking it out for the first time, our piece will be in a few weeks.. check it out..

23:33 Checking out Approaching Venice – Ursula Krinzinger – Videointerview, this is a site which is preparing us artists, but also curators, art lovers, collectors and everybody for the Venice Biennale 2011, actually they have great content.. good interveiws.. so let’s watch Ursula Krinzinger..

23:35 She talks about the importance of the Biennale, how important it still is for countries to have their pavillions there and showcase their best artists.. she talks about the 1970s, when it was very small and you could do it for a day, when it was mainly pavillions, everybody was just talking about art, art only.. no commercial effect, no event, not really big, it was all about art itself (sic). Arsenale has become more important and the rest of the exhibitions are more exciting than the pavillions.

23:42 Looking at lizvlx facebook profile, while reading about the RAF exhibition at KW

23:44 Approaching Venice – Vito Acconci, “Our generation had the idea to destroy the gallery-system. We were wrong. Then came the 1980s” ;)

23:51 Was ist eine Gallery oder ein Museum for us? A public space, a community space? why exhibit in a gallery/museum, what are biennales for us, or the dOCUMENTA? “I feel home in a urban space where lots of things are going on, but i do not go out, not necessarily, but i like the thing that things are going on, usually i work…” Ridley Scott’s version of Blade Runner, an ultra conservative one, like most nations. I went to art because there was a brief time in the beginning of the 90s when art seemd like a non field field, it was called art but i didn’t call myself an artist, it felt as if i could do anything there, and i did.. only later it was contextualized as art, and then it took another 10 years to be contextualized in the commercial art space.. self agrandissement.. art as an activity is great.. but leaving people out, fukk yeah.. i like that too, the elitarian thing, the elitist, the exclusive, the small circle.

23:54 Approaching Venice – Uli Sigg, talking about the shabby Chinese Pavillion in 1993, sponsored by Armani. China is finding it’s way how to cope with these big international forums. In the past they were not represented, except there was a special effort by the likes such as Armani.

23:59Papa Don’t Preach” – Madonna, Dinner Drugs: 2×500 mg Depakine, 1×300 mg Neurotop, 250 microgram Seretide. Good Night, and Good Luck.

Noch ausführlicher? Das gesamte Logfile gibt´s hier…

Thursday, 21. April 2011- LOGFILE




























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