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24 Hours Surfing #1: Hasi

Yupiii, heute startet noch eine neue Serie bei rebel:art: “24 Hours Surfing” ist quasi ein “Internet Surfing Club” – in unregelmäßigen Abständen stellen KĂĽnstler, Kreative und Freunde ihren Klickalltag im Netz vor. Wo und wann sind sie auf welchen Seiten – und warum eigentlich? Los geht´s heute mit Hasi alias Sebastian Haslauer aus Berlin, Illustrator, Fotograf, Grafikdesigner, KĂĽnstler, Shake Your Tree-MitgrĂĽnder – Allround-Genie eben. Ein Tag (15. April 2011) im Netz mit Hasi (Danke!!):

8:10 Checking mails in my pyjama (my internet day starts realizing i’m a freak)

8:22 Anwering mails while having breakfast (fruit salad)

9:12 Updating the worst blog in the world (my blog): http://hasimachtsachen.tumblr.com/

9:17 Posting a soccer event on Facebook for Monday, staying longer than needed

9:21 Met the boy of http://www.ignant.de yesterday at Hort. Checking if he already posted the studio visit. Surfing on to http://www.piekebergmans.com, love it.

9:22 Having coffee and checking my favourite blogs:
http://www.rebelart.net (Schleim)

10:04 Finally start to work. Got the short descriptions of the coloumns for Neon Magazine today, i illustrate every month. After going through my real and digital archive i hit the google image search with the keywords, then flickr and the wikimedia commons. Sometimes there are some funny pictures to find here: http://blog.modernmechanix.com

11:58 Reading Neumeister on the loo. Checking who Angela Davis was: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Davis

13:47 After lunch break and checking the mails, i continue surfing for images. Listening to the newest posts on:

15:11 A Mail from my friend Jonas arrives: Bad name for a sushi company: http://www.tsunami-sushi-bars.de. I send him a link, my friend Tracky showed me once: http://independentsources.com/2006/07/12/worst-company-urls/. Half an hour later Jonas posts it on facebook. How i know? Yeah, i am really on facebook again.

16:04 Manu shows me the artist residency application we prepared together for the winter. He says it’d be good, if they would check out my new work, sent with the mail, before clicking around on my website, seeing all the old shit. Is it that bad? Checking my own website: http://www.hasimachtsachen.com/. Yes, it is that bad. I should update. I try to get rid of this thought to work again.

16:11 YouTube-Link of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbW8vBnVFEk. This hurts. Where i got it from? A friend postet it on… öchöm… Facebook.

16:42 I have now some loose ideas for the illustrations and will have to visualize them to present a first sketch. Mostly the ideas are based on several photos i found, collaged together, before i draw them and add an abstract touch. Missing bits an pieces or buildings in the background i find here, position them in the right angle, photograph them and include them in the sketch: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

16:56 Listening to a DMX Krew Mix while sketching at: http://www.beatsinspace.net/

17:46 Sometimes i have to remember how a drawing should look like:

17:49 Or how colours can work together perfectly:

17:52 Oh! Alan updated his website. Nice: http://www.charmingbaker.com . Reminds me of Manus Mail again :-(

19:20 Getting unconcentrated, updating my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hasimachtsachen/, surfing on to Trackybirthday‘s Photostream realizing how fast his little one grows.

19:42 Checking if i would miss something, going to a birthday party of a friend of my girl:
NO i wouldn’t.

20:47 Looking where to go on maps.

20:49 While my girl already has her jacket on i check my mails again. “Are you coming or what?”

20:50 Switching off the computer


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  1. Sven,

    Tolle Idee. Bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten Teilnehmer.

  2. Daniel,

    Naja, “24 Hours of surfing” war das dann doch nicht ganz.
    …und hab ich das richtig gelesen? der gute Mann arbeitet lediglich 2 Std.?

  3. Awesome! Macht SpaĂź zu lesen. Mehr davon bitte

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